Introduction to the Twin Cities Chapter

The Twin Cities Chapter of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (TCISCEBS), referred to as the “Chapter”, offers employee health and welfare benefits educational programs and activities for professional development. Founded in 1986, the Chapter sponsors monthly luncheon meetings and an annual seminar. The monthly luncheon meetings include an educational speaker or presentation and networking opportunities. The annual seminar includes topics about health and welfare, retirement, and professional development. There are also a variety of other networking opportunities offered by the Chapter.

To be a Twin Cities Chapter member an individual must be enrolled in or a graduate of the CEBS program. CEBS graduates must also be a member of the Society. Non-CEBS graduates have the option of being a Chapter only member. TCISCEBS recognizes student membership for those individuals who are actively pursuing the CEBS, CMS, GBA or RPA designations.

Goals of the Twin Cities Chapter of the International Society:
1. Provide continuing education opportunities through educational programs addressing timely and critical benefit issues at meetings and seminars,
2. Offer an exchange of information among employee benefits professionals at the local level,
3. Support candidates in their pursuit of the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation,
4. Encourage involvement in the International Society of ISCEBS, including Committees and Governing Council, and attendance at the annual Symposium
5. Enhance the visibility of the CEBS designation in the local community, and
6. Recruit and retain members.

To learn more about the ISCEBS contact or phone 262.786.8771.

For further information about TCISCEBS membership, volunteering or educational events email the chapter at or contact Lara Pischke, 2020 Chapter President, at