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Gamma Iota Sigma’s 25,000+ alumni are everywhere

in the industry’s ranks, excelling across all segments and functional areas. This extraordinary lifelong network promotes the interconnectedness of the industry and contributes to the continued growth and vibrancy of the talent pipeline through the Alumni Council and its regional chapters by forging and deepening relationships, engaging and mentoring the next generation of students and young professionals, and working collaboratively with other existing professional associations. The best ambassadors for our industry, alumni are instrumental in exposing students to the ever-evolving fields and opportunities.

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The Twin Cities Chapter of ISCEBS hosts educational programs directed at keeping benefits students and professionals up-to-date on what is happening in the industry. Join us!


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2020 ISCEBS Symposium in San Diego, CA

The Symposium is one of the largest gatherings of credentialed benefits professionals in the country. Attendees represent corporations, consulting firms, health care organizations, hospitals, banks, insurance companies, investment and administration firms, jointly trusteed and public employee benefit plans, law firms and other organizations involved with employee benefits.

Registration is open to CEBS, CMS, GBA and RPA designation holders, Society members as well as plan sponsor members of the corporate sector of the International Foundation. CEBS registrants and other professionals working in the employee benefits space can register for the program.